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Superior Elastomeric Spray Coatings in Scarborough


At Line-X GTA, we keep your vehicles protected with specialized, elastomeric spray coatings in Scarborough and North York that are engineered for maximum performance. Over the years, we have created a reputation for tough and flexible spray-on bedliners. From bridges and construction equipment to boats and trailers, these protective elastomeric spray coatings are known for their durability, long-lasting protection, adaptable and resilient features. They can be applied to safeguard from almost anything.

If you are looking for high-quality elastomeric spray in Scarborough, look no further than Line-X GTA. We have a complete product line that works with various materials like plastic, metal, and glass. The elastomeric spray offers protection for a wide range of products in different sectors. Whether you are looking for a protective coating to enhance the lifespan of construction materials or a spray-on coating to protect farm equipment, our elastomeric spray in Scarborough can help you! All the products we offer are of exceptional quality, and you can go through our gallery to see the results for yourself.

Multi-purpose Protective Coatings


Our full line of protective elastomeric spray coatings are specialized to adhere to various surfaces, including plastic, glass, metal, fibreglass, concrete, and wood. These coatings have been tested under lab and real-world conditions and have proven their durability and strength. They also retain their flexibility while absorbing impact. Take a look at some of the striking features of protective coatings from LINE-X:

  • Abrasion-resistant

  • Fire resistant

  • Slip-resistant

  • Extreme impact protection

  • Potable water applications

  • Custom colour pigmentation

  • Long and fast cure times 

  • UV and environmental protection

  • Sound abatement and vibration dampening

  • FDA and USDA complaint (in cases of accidental food contact)

  • MSHA accepted

  • Protects wood, masonry, aluminum, fibreglass, Styrofoam, drywall, metal, concrete, cement, and much more

Application of Elastomeric Spray Coatings

The elastomeric spray coatings we offer help enhance the tools’ performance. The coatings are designed for maximum durability and limitless application potential. We understand that for any protective coating to offer maximum protection, it is essential that it offers excellent adhesion to the surface. These elastomeric spray coatings offer adhesion to various surfaces by forming molecular bonds and resisting damage without losing the adhesion. 

These elastomeric sprays coatings are widely used across different industries including:

  • Commercial: We provide coating solutions for commercial business owners who wish to protect their assets, including their construction equipment, utilities, loading docks, emergency vehicles, service and fleet vehicles. These coatings help in reducing the maintenance costs, enhance the aesthetics, durability, and lifespan of the assets. They are also known for their versatility and ability to prevent any kind of leakage, rust, and corrosion from the truck’s surface.

  • Recreational: Whether it’s your marine deck or your RVs and trailers, protection against UV rays, leaks, rust, and corrosion is a must. We offer low-maintenance protective coatings that enhance durability, prevent fading and discolouration, and make the surface watertight and slip resistant. Our coatings can be applied to boat hulls, playgrounds, motorcycles and ATVs, boat T-tops, off-road vehicles, and more.

  • Residential: Our home improvement solutions enhance the look of your home and save you money! Whether you are planning to repair your garage floor or reduce noise in your home, we can help! Our coatings are durable, scuff-resistant, UV stable, retain colour, and provide insulation for your home. These clear, high-gloss sealers can be applied to decks, patios, sheds, benches, swing sets, wheelchair ramps, foundation waterproofing, and more.

  • Industrial: Our products are widely used across various industries to protect the machinery and equipment against corrosion, abrasion, and impacts. These products meet all environmental and regulatory standards, maximize efficiency, increase workplace safety, and can be installed onsite. We also provide specialized coatings for severe service environments. You can these coatings on secondary containment, pipelines, storage tanks, shipping containers, oil and gas equipment, mine shafts, and more.

  • Agricultural: If you own a mid-sized and small-scale farming business, and want to protect and extend the lifespan of your heavy farming equipment, try the quality protective coatings from LINE-X GTA. These coatings increase productivity, reduce the maintenance costs, seal buildings, silos and barns, avoid downtime, and are safe around crops and animals in the field. You can apply these on your hoppers, livestock trailers, animal pens, tractors, silos, spreaders, and heavy machinery.


Call Line-X GTA in Scarborough or North York today for more information about our elastomeric spray coatings.

LINE-X Products Can Protect Almost Everything!

Our coatings ensure long-lasting, superior protection for virtually any surface they are applied to.

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